Parkland Transmission Repair

Do you need a transmission repair service near Parkland, Fl 33067 ?

We service automatic and standard transmissions, clutches, transfer cases, and all other components. Modern automatic transmissions are comprised of mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, and computer-controlled systems. Repair and service require up-to-date equipment and highly trained technicians. Don’t take a chance, bring it to the professionals at AAction Transmissions.

It could be burning transmission fluid that you are smelling and it is one of the major warning signs that your vehicle’s transmission may be overheating. Regardless of the cause, a burning smell coming from your vehicle’s engine is never a welcome sign. In an automatic transmission, the fluid ought to be a bright red color, clear and it should have a hint of a sweet smell. It is the fluid that lubricates all of your transmission’s moving parts and keeps it cool to prevent wear and tear on the multitude of components within it. If the fluid has passed its best before date, or if there’s a leak in your transmission and you do not have enough fluid in it, the fluid will overheat and begin to burn. That in turn, can lead to corrosion of the transmission and a buildup of grime and debris inside of it. If you are experiencing this worrisome situation, do not hesitate to stop by AAction Transmissions and avoid a full-on mechanical breakdown.

If you are in Parkland, Fl. you are close to our transmission service center.

Please call us today at 954-344-1900.

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